Would a referral program work for your business?

What incentives do you offer for referrals?

Now I am not saying that you have to offer bonuses or commissions to people who pass new clients your way, but I imagine that by doing so you will find a few more people who start thinking about it more seriously and being more proactive.

Affiliate marketing is a multi million pound business around the world, and more and more companies are turning to affiliate marketing as a way of generating low cost leads that add to their prospect funnel.

Companies that offer affiliate schemes include Amazon, Expedia, insurance firms, mobile phone sellers… you name a product or service, and you’ll be able to find a company in that field that has an affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time, ever since Bob first said “Tell ‘em Bob sent ya!”. Now I have no idea who Bob is, or whether he realised that he had created a whole new style of marketing, but marketing firms quickly picked up on it and found a way to incorporate it into their clients businesses.

So why is affiliate marketing a good idea?

Well, you only pay for your marketing as and when you make a sale.

Imagine a marketing agency coming to you and saying that they will work for you for free until they make you a sale. Well, that is effectively what you have with an affiliate marketing program.

Once set up, can you just sit back and wait for the prospects to come knocking?

Well, not quite. You need to encourage your affiliates to be proactive in their referrals and condition them to talk about your business.

You also need to make it as easy as possible. Of course, there are online systems if you have a suitable business, but it can be a lot more simple. Think about the flyer distributors that line Covent Garden promoting various restaurants handing you a leaflet with their name on the back to identify them (but maybe not be quite as intrusive with your approach?).

Maybe you could find someone who regularly comes into contact with your prospects and ask them to refer you. I was in the bank the other day and the manager started talking about an accountant. If I needed an accountant, I would have taken advantage of the opportunity. I would win because I had found a reputable service. The accountant would win because they just found a new client with no effort and very low cost. And the banker would win as he would have got a little thank you from the accountant. Win-Win-Win!

Think about how you can get other people selling or marketing for you and add a new prospecting stream into your marketing plan.


55 Guerrilla Business Card Ideas

Guerrilla Marketing Weapon #4 – Business Cards

Guerrillas know that business cards can be a powerful marketing weapon. Not only can they be a piece of marketing and advertising in their own right, but the majority of time there will also be a personal connection made when the card is handed over. The more of an impact a guerrilla marketer can make with his or her card, the more likely it is that the recipient of the business card will make contact at a later date.

Guerrilla marketers also know that standing out from the crowd is vital, and so they do something different to engage their prospects. Different yes, but not at the expense of still getting across the important details that the client needs.

Perhaps the difference could be related to your meme, your strap-line, your industry, your name, your business name or any other element you can think of linked to who you are and what you do.

Guerrillas also remember that if their business card is too different, especially if it does not fit in a holder with other cards, that their card will likely disappear along with all the others.

The important things to remember when designing your business card are contact details, including social media, details of what you have to offer and a call to action. Other than that, get creative and find a way to engage your prospect.

Here are 55 ideas as to how others have done it. Perhaps you will find some inspiration for your own business card from these examples.

Guerrilla Marketing Business Card Idea Read More

Resources on a budget… all for $5!

Guerrilla marketers know that they do not need to spend huge amounts of money to get great results with their marketing.

With this in mind, guerrillas are always looking for new ways to get economical resources to use. And Fiverr is certainly one of the resources that guerrilla marketers want to have in their arsenal.

Here you will find people who can create graphics for you, promote you via social media, increase your traffic, write articles, create videos, and a whole lot of very strange and alternative ideas that may never have occurred in our imagination. Many of which will prove invaluable to you as a guerrilla in your marketing efforts.

A word of advice is to check the ratings of any service provider you are considering working with. Much like any such site, you will want to ensure that this person can do the job, and that they have had plenty of satisfied customers… this will save you time.


True guerrillas will recognise another opportunity on Fiverr.

You have the opportunity to promote your business on Fiverr too!

What can you offer for $5? Perhaps you have a download that you have used to promote your business before, like an ebook or an interview. Maybe you recorded a webinar which teaches people how to get the most out of your product or service.

More and more people are visiting this site, and are searching for all sorts of products and services. Why not set yourself up a profile and see if it can generate you any extra traffic? Once you have seen some of the services on offer, you will likely think of a way that Fiverr can help you too.

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Guerrillas Outsource

To get your prospect to move from complete apathy to purchase readiness takes, on average, exposure to your marketing a total of 27 times. Remember, your prospect’s attention needs to be grabbed 9 times, and only 1 out of every 3 of your marketing messages will hit the spot. Once you recognise this, you will realise how much marketing you actually need to do.

Guerrillas have over 200 marketing weapons available to them, and they have a plan which incorporates the most effective tools for them. However, Guerrillas also realise that they do not necessarily need to do it all themselves. Guerrillas have learned that the secret to great success is leverage, and being able to make the most of other people’s time to help them achieve their business goals.

With this in mind, more and more guerrillas are turning to outsourcing companies to help them leverage their time and get more done each day. And you, as a guerrilla, need to consider how outsourcing could work for you.

To find out how you can benefit as a guerilla by using outsourcing, click here. There are a lot of companies out there offering these services, and we know how good this particular one is and have used their services before, and will continue to do so. Download their free resources and discover how 123 Employee can help you grow your business.

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