Are you timeless?

Today has been one of those days which has taken me back in time. Old school television programs like Jerry Springer, music that I grew up listening to and even television adverts that took me right back to my childhood.

There is a good reason that such things are called ‘Classics‘ (ok, well maybe not Jerry Springer!) and that is that they have a certain timeless-ness to them. You can pick them up at any time and any place and they still connect.

Guerrillas know that their marketing efforts may need to be around for a long time before they have the desired impact, and so words like Consistent, Persistent and Patient personify the successful guerrilla marketer.

So the question to ask yourself today is are you a classic or are you a Rick Astley? Remember him, you might do for the undeniable hit 1987 song “Never Gonna Give You Up” but where is he now? There are so many examples of one-hit-wonders, so I am not singling Rick out, but guerrillas need to be around longer just one campaign.

Do you have a solid Identity, or are you easily swayed by the latest fads? At the moment, it seems to be that all limes come from Mexico and my mangos are called Alphonso. Guerrillas know that they need to stay up to date with their current affairs but to change with each gust of wind is not very guerrilla.

If you looked back at your marketing in 20 years time, would you still be proud to run the same advert or campaign? Is it written in a timeless way, or does it include people that may no longer be involved (or that you do not want to be associated to)? Are your dates and times written such that they have the same message in 20 years as today, for example stating that you have been in business “since 1987” rather than “for 24 years“. Does your marketing deliver the right emotional message that will be consistent in your marketing for the lifespan of your product or service?

One of the things that personify classics is that they all make you feel a certain way or had you associate to them in a particular way. When you listen to or watch something that fits into this idea for you, notice how it makes you feel. I imagine a smile will come over you. How does your marketing make people feel better about themselves, and will it still do that in the future?

So think about how to create classic pieces of marketing from the start that will stand the test of time.

Good work guerrilla!

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